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Have you ever written when you have no idea what you’re going to write?  I feel compelled to write this morning but instead all I’ve been doing is reading all the things I’ve written in the past couple of years.  Compulsion.  Inspiration.  Positive thoughts.

My goodness there is way too much negativity in the world.  Even the fact that I wrote that sentence could be construed as negativity.  But noticing and feeling the drain of non-positive energy is different than dwelling on it.  Well, I think that’s true anyway.

Let me switch my thinking for a moment.  I chose to feel empathy for those who see the glass as half empty.  Isn’t that at the root of so many destructive thoughts?  Lack.  Don’t get me wrong, something inside of me still wants to help others who are down and depressed.  And I certainly have no problems ever giving my ear to listen.  But instead of judging and always trying to come up with a solution to their so-called “problems”, I should just smile and give them as much love and understanding as possible.  Right?  If someone asks my opinion, I’ll certainly give it, but I’m not longer going to give it  unsolicited.  I think that only breeds more negative emotions…like resentment.

But since this is my blog let me say this.  Life is beautiful.  Even in all it’s dysfunction beautiful people and things lie everywhere.  And we can choose to look at them if we like.  Yes, it’s so difficult sometimes.  That job we were  hoping for didn’t come through, the pipes burst in our home, our car broke down again, we lost someone we love, our marriage is breaking up, we’re having problems with our kids…my goodness, there are always great excuses for us to be down, pissed off, impatient, forlorn, introspective, and unsure of our place in this life.  But there are just as many reasons to be happy, satisfied, joyful and at peace with our lives.  We need only change our thoughts to change our lives.


Bucket List?

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Go to any social network and you’ll peruse a variety of New Years resolutions.  Some are deep, spiritual goals and others are centered in correcting bad habits.  Perhaps that’s what spurred on my sudden interest in writing a bucket list.  I started thinking about things I’d like to do before I leave this earth and thought, “I should write all of them down.”  I am however, not a very goal oriented person so this task has proven to be more difficult that I imagined.

I never lived in Florida before and I’ll be making my home here for a couple of months.  On New Years day I had the pleasure of spending the day on Sanibel Island, just off the coast of Fort Myers.  It was lovely!  When the people I went with decided to explore further down the stretch of shell strewn, white sand, I elected to stay where I was to watch the sun set on the Gulf of Mexico.  As I sat there I felt the salty breeze, smelled the marine air, listened to the seagulls, and tasty the occasional sand grain on my tongue.  What does this have to do with a bucket list?

Ten years ago if you would have asked me what I wanted to do I would never have said, “Sit on the beach on Sanibel Island and watch the sun set on the Gulf of Mexico.”  But I did it.  And it was glorious.  I might now put it on my bucket list as something I want to do again but with my wonderful wife Carolyn.  But the experience was something I  had never imagined.  Therefore, it’s something that I  hadn’t thought about.  And therein lies the rub.

I don’t really think.  I know that sounds funny but it’s true.  Oh, I think about your typical things.  I think about what I’m having for breakfast, what time I have to wake up so I can make it work on time, what I’m getting someone for Christmas, etc.  But when it comes to lifelong aspirations I tend to go with the flow.  I mean, I don’t make a lot of plans.  I like it that way.  When asked what I want for a present I like to say,  “Surprise me.”  I feel the same way about my life.  There are certainly things I’d like to see and do before I die, but because I’m not motivated by things I don’t think I’d make a lot of headway achieving any of them.

Will I visit my ancestral homeland of Glattfelden, Switzerland?  Sure, I’d like to some day.  Will I finally visit my good friend Dagfinn in Norway?  Perhaps one day I will.  But putting these things on a list aren’t going to make them any more or less of a priority for me.  I think it’s because my priority is strive to live in the moment.  And not cast my energy and thoughts on things that might be.  I like putting my energy and attentions on things that are right now.  Plus, I already have everything I always wanted.

By no means am I saying that Bucket Lists are not a good thing.  I just know for me, it’s very difficult writing one.  I find that when I put something down I think, “But if this doesn’t happen it wouldn’t bother me much.”  And I know they tell me I’m supposed to “think big” when I’m putting things on the list.  Well, I already believe everything is possible and achievable, and well I don’t think!  🙂

Perhaps that is my bucket list.  My one item to never forget to do.

1. To always follow my heart.  When I’m connected to my creator, when I realize that I already have everything I need, any extra’s that are thrown  my way are even that more appreciated.  Kind of like that day and evening on Sanibel Island.