I will be voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton on November 8th.  There, I said it. Many of you already “knew” who my choice would be but until now I never publicly announced my intention to vote for her. Actually I never publically announced any of my voting choices since my first election in 1984. But this year is different.

Let me give you a little history here. In 1984 I voted for Ronald Reagan and in 1988 and 1992 it was George H.W. Bush. As a registered Republican I towed the party line for over 12 years in local, state and federal elections. Then at some point in the early 90’s I began to have an opinion of my own, I educated myself and I realized that I didn’t agree with all Republican ideals. So in 1996 I voted for incumbent William Clinton for President.  It was the first time I voted for a Democrat for president.  In 2000, I voted for George W. Bush and I honestly was happy he was in office during 9/11. In 2004 I helped keep him in office for 4 more years but was unhappy with many of his actions as POTUS. However, the one thing I really loved about “W” was his sincerity.  Whether I agreed with him or not, I always felt he believed in what he was trying to do for the American people. That’s important to me.  It’s the reason I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. I didn’t agree, and still don’t, with every one of his positions. But again, I feel he believes in what he’s attempting to do for America.  This is why Hillary Clinton is getting my vote.

I will not and have not made my decision because I do not like the other candidates. I will not get into the “lesser of two evils” media spun debate. I realize if I sat here and shared all the negatives about each candidate this year it would be an incredibly long list. But that’s not important to me. I’m not swayed by fear mongering on either side. I’m not interested in what if’s, but’s or if only’s. For me, there is one candidate who I believe, believes in her platform. I spent the past three weeks researching the work history of Hillary Rodham Clinton and I’m convinced she has the American people at heart when she creates programs to help us. And here’s an interesting thought, I don’t have to agree with everything she says to support her.

Call me stupid if you like, but resist that urge to spout hatred on this post. Resist the nagging voice that is telling you to lash out and spread the RNC talking points. If Hillary Clinton is not for you, so be it. If Hillary Clinton is your choice, I highly recommend telling folks you are voting for her and why. I’m a moderate voter who is making this choice because of qualifications and a belief that Mrs. Clinton believes in what she says and wants to do. And I do feel as Americans, we are definitely stronger together. Those of you who want to start a revolution listen up.  What better way to start something new and fresh than to elect the first female President of the United States?