Vetting Presidents?

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It was actually a constructive conversation that included positive attributes on all the candidates. I took a deep breath and finally said to my brother, “I just can’t vote for him, he’s not a nice person”.  He took a deep breath and said, “Oh please, no politicians are nice.” Does that sound familiar?

I have avoided arguing or debating the republican nominees’ shortcomings because honestly no one seems to care. Well actually that isn’t true. I do believe on some level his actions and words do sicken many who continue to support him. But any attempt at debate is met by an attack on the democratic nominee and vice versa.

I have attempted to stay above the fray. I really have. And I’ve made my voting choice based on character, work history and qualifications not on any negatives of opponents. However, I could never endorse or vote for this year’s republican nominee. My soul would never allow it.

Since this is my space, my opinion and my blog I’m going finally say something. I honestly don’t like writing anything negative but today I do it the spirit of empathy. I’m incredibly empathetic toward the republican nominee. Every time I see him he seems so angry and resentful. Holding on to that much resentment and anger must be having a detrimental effect on his body. That’s what happens to our physiology when we hold on to negative emotions. It happens to me when I stupidly allow myself to mire in negative thoughts and emotions too long. But not only does he exhibit resentment and anger, he also seems so defensive. I realize he’s attacked on a daily basis for things he has said and done and that has to be awful. But I can’t quite figure out why he takes everything so personally. I always think, he’s a billionaire who is a success, what does he have to prove to anyone? Yet, he bites back when pressed like a rattlesnake that gets cornered. God bless him. It must be maddening thinking people are always out to get you, take advantage of you and trying make you look bad. Perhaps that’s why he seems to behave in a way he believes people want him to behave rather than be himself? No, I’m not a psychologist but I see this man say what he says and do what he does and I scratch my head in disbelief. I’ve analyzed this thing up and down, front and back, side to side and the only thing I can come up with is he’s psychologically damaged in some way.

I know there have been some pretty thin-skinned, ruthless, spiteful people who’ve held the office of President over the years. But in my historical searches I’ve found no one quite as thin-skinned and spiteful as this guy. Perhaps because of his wealth it’s been very difficult to have anyone in his life that has been trustworthy. Maybe he has so few true friends because he’s always wary that people are trying to get some of his money. Whatever the cause, when he smiles it doesn’t feel genuine. When he talks it doesn’t feel genuine. His demeanor is smug, aggressive, resentful, unapologetic, greedy, insecure, pompous and unkind. I can’t possibly be the only person on the planet who sees and feels these things can I?

What is the latest negative about him? He actually said because he’s a star he can force himself on women any time he wants because they let him. Well that’s just disgusting. Then, several women allege he has done just that. Yea I know, no proof right? Fine but he did say it.

Look, no one I ever knew EVER said things like he said. I’m not lying. In my 50+ years on this planet not one male I ever encountered said anything like this. Yes, I’ve commented on beautiful women, their body and even their smile, but I or no one I know has ever made predatory comments like him.  It’s sickening and downright wrong.

What does it say about a person that speaks that way? Is that kind of talk presidential? Does it speak to something more serious? Maybe it’s time our government implements the hiring processes of so many other companies and require pre-screening of all presidential candidates?

I was thinking the past few days about the psychological tests many companies utilize before considering hiring someone.  Many years ago a friend was applying for a career with an intelligence agency. Since I was listed as a best friend, I was questioned about him, for hours.  The vetting that took place was unprecedented. When I asked him about it years later he said, “Hey, a person who gets to know what I know; well you have know they’re sane right?” That made sense to me. I certainly wouldn’t want anyone in a serious position who is psychologically unstable. And I definitely don’t want that for our president.

According to 2014 trends, 62 percent of human resource professionals are using personality tests to vet candidates in the hiring process. Is it time to do that for the POTUS as well?  Maybe it is. Perhaps if a person decides to run for president, they should first be submitted to psychological tests to determine they don’t possess traits that would disqualify them. We need to know about their health, why not their mental health as well?

I’m not a psychologist but something is definitely off about this guy. His supporters say they like the fact that he’s not a politician but is that necessarily a good thing? He’s supported because he’s convinced many hard working American’s that our country is doomed, the democratic nominee can’t be trusted and that he alone can fix it. I want to reiterate; he alone. Those are not the words of a public servant who understands all elected officials must work together. Doing it alone isn’t possible because that is not the way our government is laid out. POTUS does nothing alone; nothing. Without our legislature POTUS can’t pass any laws to fix anything. He has demonstrated a very limited knowledge of how our government operates and that’s disturbing. But I digress.

My heart races when I see him attempt to speak. And all I see is an angry man who is playing on the fears of hard working Americans he cares very little for in an attempt to con them in to voting for him. He shouts words like liar and speaks in conspiratorial theories with no basis in fact. I’m serious about that, just take time and do your own research as I have from non partisan sources. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have no party loyalty to anyone. I’ve voted independent, republican and democrat over my 32 years of voting. I’m not the smartest man on the planet by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve paid attention, read important information from hundreds of sources and I have an educated, non-partisan opinion I’m confident about. It astounds me that people believe everything the republican nominee says! He lies about nearly everything. Please do your research, I mean really do it, and be prepared to see the truth.

*Heavy sigh* If you currently plan on voting for the republican nominee please understand I’m not trying to attack you. I have the utmost respect for your right to vote for whomever you desire, but this guy? Gosh I feel for him. I really do. I’m not sure even HE believes what he’s saying. He reminds me of some bullies who attacked me when I was younger. It wasn’t until I was much older I realized they only had power if I allowed them to. So in some respect, that’s why I have such empathy for the republican nominee. His life is littered with bullying tactics that many say, ‘made him the man he is today’. I say, “Yes, I noticed.”

He’s a troubled soul who doesn’t seem to know love, compassion or charity. And that’s really, really sad. Other than build buildings and create jobs for folks, I’ve seen nothing to convince me that he cares about anyone other than himself. Again, I’m not attacking you but I don’t think someone who exhibits this kind of behavior and has this history will make an effective president.

Will anything I just wrote matter? To my friends and family who support the republican nominee, I love you so much. I really do. My relationship with you is much more important that any election. So understand my assertions on this man are not a reflection of you. I completely understand that having a candidate who is pro-life is important to you. I know in my heart that having someone conservative who might have a chance to present conservative Supreme Court justices means a lot to you. I get why you feel a successful businessman might do a better job of managing the financial aspects of our government than the politicians who apparently have been messing it up for years. And my goodness I totally understand wanting a person who might be able to protect America by strengthening our borders, and making sure folks who are moving to our country don’t intend to harm us. I get it. But everything in his message is based on fear. And I can’t support anything or anyone who deals solely in fear.

The decisions I make in my life come from my soul. I trust that my choices are right for me because I feel I’m living out my purpose; the purpose laid out for me by my Creator. I don’t live in a world of self-doubt, anxiety and fear. I trust in that all-creating spirit that lives inside me. So when I experience anyone who deals in those things, plays in those things, who attempts to do business with those things, my soul shuns them as something that doesn’t emanate from my Creator. Does that make sense? He’s not a nice man. Not because he was born that way, but because he became that way. I feel sorry for him, I really do. I send him all the love in the world in the hope that he may be able to change some day. I just feel that change should occur first before trying to become our president.

My Endorsement

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I will be voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton on November 8th.  There, I said it. Many of you already “knew” who my choice would be but until now I never publicly announced my intention to vote for her. Actually I never publically announced any of my voting choices since my first election in 1984. But this year is different.

Let me give you a little history here. In 1984 I voted for Ronald Reagan and in 1988 and 1992 it was George H.W. Bush. As a registered Republican I towed the party line for over 12 years in local, state and federal elections. Then at some point in the early 90’s I began to have an opinion of my own, I educated myself and I realized that I didn’t agree with all Republican ideals. So in 1996 I voted for incumbent William Clinton for President.  It was the first time I voted for a Democrat for president.  In 2000, I voted for George W. Bush and I honestly was happy he was in office during 9/11. In 2004 I helped keep him in office for 4 more years but was unhappy with many of his actions as POTUS. However, the one thing I really loved about “W” was his sincerity.  Whether I agreed with him or not, I always felt he believed in what he was trying to do for the American people. That’s important to me.  It’s the reason I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. I didn’t agree, and still don’t, with every one of his positions. But again, I feel he believes in what he’s attempting to do for America.  This is why Hillary Clinton is getting my vote.

I will not and have not made my decision because I do not like the other candidates. I will not get into the “lesser of two evils” media spun debate. I realize if I sat here and shared all the negatives about each candidate this year it would be an incredibly long list. But that’s not important to me. I’m not swayed by fear mongering on either side. I’m not interested in what if’s, but’s or if only’s. For me, there is one candidate who I believe, believes in her platform. I spent the past three weeks researching the work history of Hillary Rodham Clinton and I’m convinced she has the American people at heart when she creates programs to help us. And here’s an interesting thought, I don’t have to agree with everything she says to support her.

Call me stupid if you like, but resist that urge to spout hatred on this post. Resist the nagging voice that is telling you to lash out and spread the RNC talking points. If Hillary Clinton is not for you, so be it. If Hillary Clinton is your choice, I highly recommend telling folks you are voting for her and why. I’m a moderate voter who is making this choice because of qualifications and a belief that Mrs. Clinton believes in what she says and wants to do. And I do feel as Americans, we are definitely stronger together. Those of you who want to start a revolution listen up.  What better way to start something new and fresh than to elect the first female President of the United States?