Boy it’s difficult to scroll through my Facebook newsfeed any more. And yes, I have indeed blocked quite a few friends and family from showing up in my newsfeed temporarily. I honestly am finding it increasingly harder to stomach some of what I’m reading. When it comes to the Democratic and Republican nominees I now know that Donald Trump is the next Adolf Hitler and Hillary Clinton is a rich, privileged, lying politician who only cares about herself. I also know that Bernie Sanders, although no longer a candidate, is either an unrealistic communist or the potential savior of our country. Then there is Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Darrell Castle that very little written about because no one believes they have a chance to win the election. But I have to choose someone right?

My intelligent step-daughter posted a link to a website recently called And although I took the online questionnaire last year at the beginning of the primaries, I decided to take an hour or two and fill it out again.  There are questions on domestic policy, the economy, social issues, foreign policy, immigration, the environment, healthcare, science, education, crime and the election process itself. The first thing that struck me was how many things I didn’t know! The questions really made me think and on many occasions, to research these issues further.  Because the truth is, I wasn’t sure how I felt about some the things mentioned. For most questions you can answer yes or no, but I found myself never able to choose that option. Because rarely are things ever that simple. So there is an option to write your own answers to the questions. I did that quite a few times.  But my goodness, they really opened my eyes to who these candidates are and what they stand for.

It took me about an hour to answer all the questions because like I said, many of them cause some serious reflection and investigation. But when it was all said and done, I finished and it told me which candidates I was most in line with. Not surprisingly, Mr. Trump and I are not even close on most issues. The Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle and I aren’t on the same page either. But my stance on things was very similar to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian in the group, and I agree on about 53 percent of the issues raised.  Why is any of this important?

In the past month or so, I really had to look; I mean REALLY look; to find any information on what these candidates want to do for the people of the United States. All that everyone ever talks about are the scandals, the conspiracies and the cover ups.  Character assassination is the flavor of this election cycle and people have taken their respective sides on the character battlefield.  I’m so weary of it.  I really am.

So, I went on to this website and I now know which candidates most closely represent issues that are important to me. Of course the website doesn’t cover ALL the issues, but there is a great deal of information on there. And of all the current presidential candidates it seems that I’m closely aligned with Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton. Now, I already know that Mrs. Stein and Mrs. Clinton’s views are similar to my own, but I truly don’t know that much about either of them. I hear nothing but negatives about Hillary Clinton, but next to nothing about Jill Stein.  So, I’m going to spend the next three months finding all the positives about both of these incredibly intelligent candidates. And in November, one of them will get my vote.  Please, please, please, don’t respond to this entry with any negative rhetoric regarding Mrs. Stein or Mrs. Clinton. Instead, go with and fill out the questionnaire. Take your time, really think about the questions, do research if you need to, get informed, answer the questions, and in the end, see which candidate you are most aligned with. I found it incredibly enlightening and helpful! I hope you will too!