Many fortunate souls have the ability to recall very intimate details about loved ones who’ve passed on. These blessed individuals effortlessly navigate the map in their mind revisiting the many stops their life’s journey has taken them. You know them. They are the family members who often ask questions like, “Don’t you remember that time you got stung by bees and you jumped in to the creek?” I usually respond by saying, “No I don’t remember that but is sounds painful!” My oldest sister has one of those minds. She remembers so many details whereas I remember very few.

Today would have been my Dad’s 83rd birthday. Clarence Eugene Glodfelter, born June 9th, 1933 has been gone for just over 13 yrs now. That’s him in the photo above, just right of center sporting the sunglasses. And that’s me in front of him looking out over I do believe is the Big Rideau Lake in Ontario, Canada. No, I don’t remember that day but I do remember traveling to Smith Falls, Ontario to visit the Hershey Chocolate Factory. I think this is the same day we went there. My Dad loved going to Canada. As long as I can remember we spent at least one week each year vacationing there. I loved it too. As I sit here reflecting on memories of my Dad I think what I love most of all about those family vacations is what it meant to him. His excitement for this yearly excursion was contagious. He became like a child when he talked of getting in the boat, cruising to our favorite fishing spots and reeling in the biggest lunkers any of us had ever seen. When all was said and done, it didn’t really matter if we caught that many fish. It was what it meant to all of us just to be there together.

Dad’s childlike manner when we were on vacation didn’t always make Mom  happy, but we kids loved it! Thanks Dad for teaching me it’s okay to act like a kid sometimes. Happy Birthday Pop.