I’ve heard it said many times.  “He lives the good life.”  But what is it?  What is the good life?

I was taught to learn my lessons,  go to school, get a good job, raise a family and start enjoying the good life.  For many years my idea of a good life was one without bills, with plenty of money and a house in the hills.  True, those things are good things but do they really make a good life?

As I sit here in Mesa, Arizona I know I’m living the good life.  I have plenty of bills.  I do not have have plenty of money.  I do not own my home.  But it’s all how you look at it right?  I start with what is good.

– I’m happy.  That’s good.

– I’m married to the most wonderful woman in the world, Carolyn.  That’s good.

– I’m using the talents bestowed upon me and sharing them with others.  That’s good.

– I’m visiting places I only dreamed of seeing.  That’s good.

I’m a grandparent, I  have a tremendously loving family, two loving dogs and wonderful friends.  Those are all good!

My bills, well, they will get paid.  Money, I always seem to have enough when it’s needed.  And my home, still my home regardless of whether I hold the deed or not.

I’ll be 47 years old this year.  I’m not sure why that means anything, but I add that little fact only to show I’ve had some  years to think on this “good life”.  “Life is what you make it” is another great saying.  And that one I think is also true.  Although I change it a bit.  “Life is what you think it”.  I make every effort to live in the moment.  I strive to look at the positive things and not the negative.  I trust in my Creator that all that is needed will be provided.

My “good life” starts with “good thoughts”.  Look around and instead of seeing “lack”, see “abundance”.  I’m so fortunate to be alive.  I’m going to do my best to enjoy each and every moment.  Now, that’s a “good life”.