The latest forecast says that “Earl’s eye” will most likely miss the Eastern Coast of the United States. That’s a good thing. But I was so hoping a little of his moisture would trip on inland and sprinkle itself on the straw that was once my lawn. Alas, I do believe it’s not to be this time around.

The sign on bank in town read, 101 degrees when I passed at last evening. When I arrived home, Carolyn said, “I’m headed out to the deck for awhile.” I responded, “I really need some time to change, and cool off before venturing out there again.” She laughed and said, “It’s not that hot…is it?”
15 minutes later, we’re sitting out on the deck and she exclaims, “You’re right! It’s hot! I hadn’t noticed until you mentioned it!” Power of suggestion? Or was is simply that she was so immersed in her reupholstering project she didn’t even notice. For the last 7 days she’s been busy reupholstering two high wing back chairs we bought a a yard sale for 7 dollars. It was a tough job, but they turned out beautiful! I do love her so much. She has the ability to see beauty in things, for what the “can” be. She does that in life too. It reminds me of a time when we were first dating. She was living in a downtown apartment, and I was there. I noticed in the corner a half stripped chair she was reupholstering. I remember thinking, “That’s a piece of junk.” After a little conversation I realized that it’s not what outside that matters it’s what’s inside. We decided to sit down and write a song together. The words are as follows:
It’s not skin deep that matters,
It’s more than that its certain.
Hidden deep beneath a shell,
covered with an ag-ed curtain.
Is a life that wants to live.
Has so much more to give.

You’ve uncovered a life from nothing
But that’s not what you saw.
You knew what it could be
Once you brought down it’s walls.
So all could see its beauty.
So we see it as you see.

Something old, some say it’s over,
Some say it’s worth keeping.
We need to dig a little deeper.
There’s beauty to discover.