I Can’t Wait

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It’ll happen. I know it will. At some point I’ll be involved in theatre again.

It’ll happen. I know it will. When the time is right, I’ll get back to writing something other than radio advertising copy.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly fortunate I have the opportunity to write creative copy for businesses that sorely need assistance. It’s truly why I do it in the first place. If the only reason for being an advertising consultant was to make commissions, I wouldn’t be doing it. I get so much satisfaction from helping business owners with their marketing. I thoroughly enjoy being educated about all the aspects of someones livelihood. The more they share, the better I can help them. However, I’m aching for a musical/theatrical fix.
It’ll happen. I know it will. 🙂

Here I Go Again

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For some reason the Whitesnake some is sifting its way through my mind today. But rather than theme song for another mundane day selling advertising, I think of it as an anthem for a solitary, spiritual guy spending another day doing what he’s on this earth to do.

I’ve been reading and studying the Tao. And unlike some spiritual writings, this has really been hitting home. I’m 45 years old, have done many things in my life, and it’s when I’m truly following my heart that things always seem better.
I arrived at my appointment today only to find the gentlemen I was supposed to meet not there. It seems they forgot my appointment. But I know in my heart I was supposed to be there anyway. Because their IT guy was able to get some things off his chest using me as a reason to do it. He proclaimed, “I’m so sorry, they do this to a lot of people and it upsets me.” Now, I’m a pretty easy going guy so I said, “It’s no sweat man.” He went on for a few minutes, venting away and by the end was smiling. I just said, “somethings are being our control, and its best just to let them go.” He smiled…thanked me for coming…and said, see you soon.
I can’t pretend that my ego doesn’t get in the way sometimes, but whenever I make a concerted effort to quietly change my thinking to a more positive subject, not only do I feel better, those I meet feel better too. I like that. Can’t wait to see who else crosses my path today.


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Last summer I was writing a play. A musical of sorts but not in the truest sense. The “libretto” if you will came fairly easy. But the music was a different animal all together. I’m still writing that play. And I know in my heart some day it will be finished. But for now, I’m reminded of some verse I wrote about a year ago.

Inspiration flows in and out like the tide.
A wet beach remains where a wave used to reside.
The moon rules the cycle, when the white caps return.
Patience is required it’s a lesson to learn.

Contentment moves out and in like the breeze.
Leaves once in motion now sit there and freeze.
The wind rules the cycle, when the next gales appear.
Acceptance is key, we should not fear.

Happiness is constant, like the orange sunrise.
It’s there when we look, we must realize
When we lie on the beach, near the water’s edge.
The wind guides the waves back over our heads.